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The Eco-Mindset Magazine

The Eco-Mindset Magazine

Curated by and for the youth, The Eco-Mindset Magazine serves as a dynamic platform for sharing insightful articles, stories, and features on climate-related topics. It provides a medium for exchanging ideas, perspectives, and success stories in the realm of environmental sustainability. The magazine was created for the rapidly enterprising and innovative young people in Africa who care about social and environmental issues, climate change and things that matter for our planet.

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Issue 001

Issue 001

The Eco-Mindset Magazine: Issue 001

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Issue 002

Issue 002

The Eco-Mindset Magazine: Issue 002

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The Eco Talks Series offers engaging and interactive sessions tailored to facilitate discussions among youth on pressing environmental issues. These sessions foster collaboration, promote dialogue, and explore innovative solutions to address challenges related to climate change.


A little motivation every Friday morning


This initiative focuses on integrating environmental education into schools' curricula, fostering eco-consciousness from an early age, and nurturing the next generation of environmentally responsible leaders.

We create positive gatherings that reflect our ethos of style, sustainability and substance. Whether its Eco-Talks series featuring inspirational speakers, or workshops for makers, creative and others who want to get their brand talked about in the media, we put our heart and soul into every event we run. We believe that nothing fosters community spirit like real-life interactions, which is why we’re passionate about getting Eco-Mindset ‘off the page’ and into the world

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Youth Sustainability Festival

Eco Talks Series is pleased to invite you to the Youth Sustainability Festival to learn, explore and share innovative ideas youth are harnessing to deliver sustainability across the African continent.

  • Date: 09/15/2021 09:15 - 10/23/2021 00:00
  • Location Online Event

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Past Events

Eco Talk Series: Earth Day Edition 22 Apr 2021Online Event
Africa Sustainability talk 02 Sep 2020Online Event
World Overshoot Day 30 Aug 2020Online Event
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The Eco-Mindset, Africa's largest youth-focused non-profit, is at the forefront of impactful initiatives aimed at disseminating vital climate-related information, cultivating awareness, championing advocacy, and igniting the spirit of climate entrepreneurship among the continent's youth.

Through platforms like The Eco-Mindset Magazine, Eco Talks Series, and conferences, The Eco-Mindset fosters collaboration, dialogue, and innovative problem-solving.

The organization's Eco-School initiative integrates environmental education into school curricula, nurturing eco-conscious leaders from a young age. By empowering youth, The Eco-Mindset drives positive change and shapes a more resilient, environmentally conscious future for Africa and beyond.

About the Founder

Pamela is passionate about youth development, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Its been a long journey of trial and error, shuffling my way through the sustainability space and finally, I can confidently say that I have found my space.

I wouldn't describe myself as super green - just someone who tries to do their best. I do not live in a self-built eco house - just a normal rental house where I try to make my energy and water use as efficient as possible. I do not own any fancy car not to mention an electric car, still coping with our public transport drama. I simply live on a modest budget and try to make the most economical and ethical choices I can.

I wouldn't say that I've always been interested in sustainability rather, ours was love at first sight. Since my graduation, I've worked continuously in the sustainability space. Right now, I work full time for a climate change consulting firm and part-time on The Eco-Mindset.

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new ways to spread my message and connect with young entrepreneurs.

If you have any suggestions for areas you would like covered on the magazine, journal or blog, or any queries you would like the Eco-Mindset readers to answer, or get our services or an interest in collaborating (or want to say hello) then do send me an email at We are always happy to help you.

Thanks so much for reading & I really hope you enjoy my site and join us on this green journey.

The Eco-Mindset is always free to read. If you want to support the organization's running costs and activities, you can sponsor our event

Pamela Okutoyi

Founder and President

Pamela Okutoyi is a sustainability consultant, researcher and writer with extensive experience in cooperate communication, ESG, sustainability & climate change reporting.

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Patric Nyamrinda Obam

Social Media Manager

My name is Nyamrinda Obam a nature lover, environmentalist and climate justice activist from Kenya.

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