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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. We are all about low impact, knowledge and information.

We live busy lives, overwhelmed a lot of the time, and constantly running to keep up. If you’re like me, you sometimes pause and wonder if there is a better way to do things. A calmer life, a quieter lifestyle – and a more sustainable way of living. A life that’s, most importantly, more in harmony with the planet and all the other species that share this home with us.

We are gobbling up way too much, way too quickly, and not giving the planet enough chance to recover. We are polluting the rivers and oceans, razing entire forests, killing wildlife, exploiting vulnerable communities -– all for the pleasure of our latest clothes, gadgets, and cars.

It is very difficult to change, with our political and economic system set up the way it is, but we all need to do better. I hope this blog makes you pause and think, and perhaps opt for a slower, gentler way of living from now on.

This is a sustainable lifestyle blog that covers everything related to everyday eco-friendly living. Clean living, fair-trade practices, ethical consumerism, and other aspects of living an eco-conscious lifestyle. This blog also delves into topics about the environment, about wildlife, nature, and about climate change.

Grab a drink and settle in, and I hope you have a nice time looking around.

With Love,


Founder, The Eco-Mindset


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Africa Sustainability talk

Africa Sustainability Talks is a program that brings together strategic knowledge experts to discuss on a select topic in the sustainability space in regards to Africa. The network is tailored to enhance understanding of issues we face as an African continent and the solutions we can embrace. Providing firsthand information that most Africans can relate with is the key component of the program. We believe African Sustainability is unique. We believe the African continent is a vast house of intellectual resources that are untapped. We believe information is power and positive media is the key to breathing life on the continent.

  • Date: 09/02/2020 11:00
  • Location: Online Event

Past Events

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World Overshoot Day 30 Aug 2020 Online Event


Welcome to our online Eco Community.
Here you can find a great community for sharing new ideas and talking about day-to-day life regarding our precious planet.

Once you create an account on our platform, you will be able to take part in discussions, suggest topics of discussions, moderate a forum and engage with other eco-conscious individuals.

The aim is to normalize talking about our environment and everything that concerns it.

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About Us

About Us
The Eco-Mindset is a youth-focused research institute in Kenya and the largest of its kind in Africa. Founded in the wake of a pandemic, it provides young people with a platform to have their voices heard by using their skills, talents and knowledge learned through practice. Young people from all disciplines are invited to come and contribute to problem solving on a wide variety of environmental issues.

Our aim is to enhance the capacity of youths to be problem solvers and contribute towards the creation of sustainable enterprises and resilient communities.

With so much information presented to us everyday, knowing where to start in the green journey can be quite intimidating. Our mission is to try and break the information into the most simplest form and put forward exciting and fun ideas that can help us build sustainable and resilient communities.

We purpose to address the pressing environmental challenges of today by engaging all stakeholders in policy workshops, panel discussions on our online TV, youth barazas, online Eco talks, lobbying for trips, publications of critical analyses on our online blog and our quarterly policy recommendation journal- The Eco Mindset.

The Eco-Mindset is made up of young and enthusiastic researchers, EIA experts, environmental journalists, editors, writers, reporters, videographers, social media influencers and event organizers with one goal in mind - to make the world a better place.  

About the Founder

Hi, my name is Pam! I am an environmentalist passionately and professionally, and I love to love this precious planet Earth.

Its been a long journey of trial and error, shuffling my way through the sustainability space and finally, I can confidently say that I have found my niche.

I wouldn't describe myself as super green - just someone who tries to do their best. I do not live in a self-built eco house - just a normal rental house where I try to make my energy and water use as efficient as possible. I do not own any fancy car not to mention an electric car, still coping with our public transport drama. I simply live on a modest budget and try to make the most economical and ethical choices I can.

I wouldn't say that I've always been interested in sustainability rather, ours was love at first sight. I graduated from the Technical University of Kenya with a Bachelor in Technology (Environmental Resource and Management) in 2018. Since then I've worked continuously in the sustainability space. Right now I work full time for a climate change consulting firm and work part-time on The Eco-Mindset.

Why Be Sustainable

I have been able to save money and attain a sense of peace knowing that my small lifestyle changes are attributing towards a greater good. I'm convinced that if we all join in the fight for a better planet, we shall achieve greater impact. Plus living sustainably makes you happy and you can go places with a conscious mind.

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new ways to spread my message and connect with like-minded individuals and eco-conscious companies.

If you have any suggestions for areas you would like covered on the magazine, journal or blog, or any queries you would like the Eco-Mindset readers to answer, or get our services or an interest in collaborating (or want to say hello) then do send me an email at theecomindset@gmail.com. We are always happy to help you. 

Thanks so much for reading & I really hope you enjoy my site and join us on this green journey.

The Eco-Mindset is always free to read. If you want to support the organization's running costs and activities, you can sponsor our event

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